Granny Purps Dispensary

2649 41st Avenue • Soquel, CA 95003

Organized group of criminals?

Have you, or people you know, been ripped off by Granny Purps?
You are not alone.

  1. Take action. You are protected under Prop 215 and can’t be prosecuted.
  2. Sue – up to $10,000
    • Small Claims Court
      1 Second Street Room 300
      Watsonville, CA 95076
    • You can call the Small Claims Advisor Program for help on Tuesdays 1:30–4:00p (831) 786-7370
    • You can go in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30–11:30a. To ensure you get help, sign in at 8:30a at 1 Second Street, Room 301. Then walk directly across the hall and file it. SUPER EASY
    • You will file against: Granny Purps Inc., et al., Jeffrey David Sudman, Nancy Kay Black
    • If none of Granny Purps staff show up (None showed up at my hearing), you win by default including court filing fees
    • Go to Santa Cruz County Sheriff
      5200 Soquel Ave
      Santa Cruz, CA 95062
      (831) 454-7655 and have the papers served. Simple
  3. Send and e-mail to Supervisor John Leopold. and give him call at: (831) 454-2200. They know about this and want to hear more from us
  4. Notify Dan Peterson of the Santa Cruz Cannabis Licensing Board so that Granny Purps doesn’t get licensed. Easy
  5. Leave an anonymous tip at the Anonymous Crime Tip Line (831) 420-5995
  6. Contact the District Attorney either call (831) 545-2400 or email They can’t prosecute for Consumer Fraud unless more witnesses come forward.
  7. YELP. Use it. Let other members of the cannabis community know
  8. Better Business Bureau (408) 278-7400 Let ’em know. Easy to do
  9. Send me an e-mail: and have anybody you know who has been ripped off send me an e-mail
Together we can close this place.